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3.2.3 IMG_LoadTyped_RW

SDL_Surface *IMG_LoadTyped_RW(SDL_RWops *src, int freesrc, char *type)

The source SDL_RWops as a pointer. The image is loaded from this.
A non-zero value mean is will automatically close/free the src for you.
A string that indicates which format type to interpret the image as.
Here is a list of the currently recognized strings (case is not important):

Load src for use as a surface. This can load all supported image formats. This method does not guarantee that the format specified by type is the format of the loaded image, except in the case when TGA format is specified (or any other non-magicable format in the future). Using SDL_RWops is not covered here, but they enable you to load from almost any source.
Note: If the image format loader requires initialization, it will attempt to do that the first time it is needed if you have not already called IMG_Init to load support for your image format.
Note: If the image format supports a transparent pixel, SDL_image will set the colorkey for the surface. You can enable RLE acceleration on the surface afterwards by calling:
SDL_SetColorKey(image, SDL_RLEACCEL, image->format->colorkey);

Returns: a pointer to the image as a new SDL_Surface. NULL is returned on errors.

// load sample.tga into image
SDL_Surface *image;
image=IMG_LoadTyped_RW(SDL_RWFromFile("sample.tga", "rb"), 1, "TGA");
if(!image) {
    printf("IMG_LoadTyped_RW: %s\n", IMG_GetError());
    // handle error

See Also:
3.1.2 IMG_Init, 3.2.1 IMG_Load, 3.2.2 IMG_Load_RW

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