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3.3 TCP Sockets

These functions are used to work with TCP Sockets. TCP is used with a full connection, whereas UDP is connectionless. TCP also ensures that all packets reach the destionation (when possible). TCP also ensures that packets are received in the same order as sent.

3.3.1 SDLNet_TCP_Open  Open a TCP client or server socket
3.3.2 SDLNet_TCP_Close  Close a TCP socket
3.3.3 SDLNet_TCP_Accept  Accept a connection on a server socket
3.3.4 SDLNet_TCP_GetPeerAddress  Get the remote host address and port number
3.3.5 SDLNet_TCP_Send  Send data over a connected socket
3.3.6 SDLNet_TCP_Recv  Receive data from a connected socket

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