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3.3.3 SDLNet_TCP_Accept

TCPsocket SDLNet_TCP_Accept(TCPsocket server)

This is the server TCPsocket which was previously created by

Accept an incoming connection on the server TCPsocket.
Do not use this function on a connected socket. Server sockets are never connected to a remote host. What you get back is a new TCPsocket that is connected to the remote host.
This is a non-blocking call, so if no connections are there to be accepted, you will get a NULL TCPsocket and the program will continue going.

Returns: a valid TCPsocket on success, which indicates a successful connection has been established. NULL is returned on errors, such as when it's not able to create a socket, or it cannot finish connecting to the originating host and port. There also may not be a connection attempt in progress, so of course you cannot accept nothing, and you get a NULL in this case as well.

// accept a connection coming in on server_tcpsock
TCPsocket new_tcpsock;

if(!new_tcpsock) {
    printf("SDLNet_TCP_Accept: %s\n", SDLNet_GetError());
else {
    // communicate over new_tcpsock

See Also:
3.3.1 SDLNet_TCP_Open, 3.3.4 SDLNet_TCP_GetPeerAddress, 3.3.2 SDLNet_TCP_Close, 4.2 TCPsocket

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