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3.5.2 SDLNet_ResizePacket

int SDLNet_ResizePacket(UDPpacket *packet, int size)

A pointer to the UDPpacket to be resized.
The new desired size, in bytes, of the data buffer to be allocated in the UDPpacket.
Zero is invalid.

Resize a UDPpackets data buffer to size bytes. The old data buffer will not be retained, so the new buffer is invalid after this call.

Returns: the new size of the data in the packet. If the number returned is less than what you asked for, that's an error.

// Resize a UDPpacket to hold 2048 bytes of data
//UDPpacket *packet;
int newsize;

newsize=SDLNet_ResizePacket(packet, 2048);
if(newsize<2048) {
    printf("SDLNet_ResizePacket: %s\n", SDLNet_GetError());
    // perhaps do something else since you didn't get the buffer you wanted
else {
    // do stuff with the resized packet

See Also:
3.5.1 SDLNet_AllocPacket, 3.5.4 SDLNet_AllocPacketV, 3.5.3 SDLNet_FreePacket, 4.4 UDPpacket

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