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3.3.5 TTF_SetFontOutline

void TTF_SetFontOutline(TTF_Font *font, int outline)

The loaded font to set the outline size of.
The size of outline desired, in pixels.
Use 0(zero) to turn off outlining.

Set the outline pixel width of the loaded font.

NOTE: Passing a NULL font into this function will cause a segfault.

NOTE: This will flush the internal cache of previously rendered glyphs, even if there is no change in outline size, so it may be best to check the current outline size using TTF_GetFontOutline first.

// set the loaded font's outline to 1 pixel wide
//TTF_Font *font;
TTF_SetFontOutline(font, 1);

// render some outlined text...

// set the loaded font's outline back to normal
TTF_SetFontOutline(font, 0);

See Also:
3.3.4 TTF_GetFontOutline,
3.3.3 TTF_SetFontStyle

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