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3.3.14 TTF_FontFaces

long TTF_FontFaces(const TTF_Font *font)

The loaded font to get the number of available faces from.

Get the number of faces ("sub-fonts") available in the loaded font. This is a count of the number of specific fonts (based on size and style and other typographical features perhaps) contained in the font itself. It seems to be a useless fact to know, since it can't be applied in any other SDL_ttf functions.
NOTE: Passing a NULL font into this function will cause a segfault.

Returns: The number of faces in the font.

// get the loaded font's number of faces
//TTF_Font *font;

printf("The number of faces in the font is: %ld\n", TTF_FontFaces(font));

See Also:
3.3.15 TTF_FontFaceIsFixedWidth,
3.3.16 TTF_FontFaceFamilyName,
3.3.17 TTF_FontFaceStyleName

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