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4.5 Music

These functions work with music. Music is not played on a normal mixer channel. Music is therefore manipulated separately, except in post-processing hooks.

4.5.1 Mix_LoadMUS  Load a music file into a Mix_Music
4.5.2 Mix_FreeMusic  Free a Mix_Music
4.5.3 Mix_PlayMusic  Play music, with looping
4.5.4 Mix_FadeInMusic  Play music, with looping, and fade in
4.5.5 Mix_FadeInMusicPos  Play music from a start point, with looping, and fade in
4.5.6 Mix_HookMusic  Hook for a custom music player
4.5.7 Mix_VolumeMusic  Set music volume
4.5.8 Mix_PauseMusic  Pause music
4.5.9 Mix_ResumeMusic  Resume paused music
4.5.10 Mix_RewindMusic  Rewind music to beginning
4.5.11 Mix_SetMusicPosition  Set position of playback in stream
4.5.12 Mix_SetMusicCMD  Use external program for music playback
4.5.13 Mix_HaltMusic  Stop music playback
4.5.14 Mix_FadeOutMusic  Stop music, with fade out
4.5.15 Mix_HookMusicFinished  Set a callback for when music stops
4.5.16 Mix_GetMusicType  Get the music encoding type
4.5.17 Mix_PlayingMusic  Test whether music is playing
4.5.18 Mix_PausedMusic  Test whether music is paused
4.5.19 Mix_FadingMusic  Get status of current music fade activity
4.5.20 Mix_GetMusicHookData  Retrieve the Mix_HookMusic arg

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