grimo Entertainment
Simple DirectMedia Layer
Just Another Pipe Trip


0.10.0 (23/03/2002)

Sprite animation added.
Fullscreen mode now available.
Segmentation fault when starting level nine fixed.
Complete new graphic theme drawn (celebrating PND first birthday).
Spanish web page now available.

0.9.0 (10/12/2001)

Required pipes feature added.
Number of required pipes for each level defined.
Memory leak in hash table class eliminated.
Small bug in levels 20-25 background image fixed.
Installation prefix can now be specified (--prefix option in configure script).
Some compilation problems with RH are hopefully solved.
Manual page added.

0.8.0 (07/29/2001)

Background now can be a wallpaper.
Memory leak when loading images eliminated.
Almost all graphics redrawn.
All levels rewritten (5 levels added).
Score added.
Levels format improved.
Pipe block added.
Background tag added.
Some small bugs eliminated.
Screen updating routines improved (speed).
Btw, web page rewritten.

0.6.1 (02/27/2001)

Compilation error for 2.91.x gcc compilers fixed.
Some compilation difficulties under RH 7.0 fixed.
Very obscure memory leak in the Graphic class copy constructor fixed.
Clipping bug in the Graphic class fixed.
Splash drawing bug fixed.
Graphics loading and freeing improved.
Busy waiting event adquisition eliminated.

0.6.0 (02/07/2001)

Initial public release