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This game is a pseudo-clon of an old game called PipeDream. I say pseudo-clon because I don't have the original one so I've been working just with the facts I remember. I've written it in my spare time during the last ten months (as you can see my spare time is not much).

Many other functionality is planned (more graphics and levels, sound, multiplayer, network and AI) and I hope I'll slowly make it real. By the time I encourage you (if you like the game and want it to be better) to draw some more graphics, compose some music and record some sound FX (these two are really needed cause I've no music skills at all).

You can also read the sources and bring any suggestion, criticism or cooperation that will be truly welcome.

I want to thank Sam Lantinga and Linus Torvalds. The first one for creating SDL and for giving me this digital space and the second one for, well you know... I also want to thank Diego "Coco" Scarpa for helping me with the web page JavaScript code.

Waldemar A. Baraldi