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2. Getting Started

This assumes you have gotten SDL_image and installed it on your system. SDL_image has an README document in the source distribution to help you get it compiled and installed. Well it at least points you to locations for the source code of some of the image libraries SDL_image can use. Most of the other image formats are builtin to SDL_image.

Generally, in UNIX-like environments, installation consists of:

make install

SDL_image supports loading and decoding images from the following formats:

TrueVision Targa (MUST have .tga)
Windows Bitmap(.bmp)
Portable Anymap (.pnm)
.pbm = Portable BitMap (mono)
.pgm = Portable GreyMap (256 greys)
.ppm = Portable PixMap (full color)
X11 Pixmap (.xpm) can be #included directly in code
This is NOT the same as XBM(X11 Bitmap) format, which is for monocolor images.
GIMP native (.xcf) (XCF = eXperimental Computing Facility?)
This format is always changing, and since there's no library supplied by the GIMP project to load XCF, the loader may frequently fail to load much of any image from an XCF file. It's better to load this in GIMP and convert to a better supported image format.
ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush (.pcx)
CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format (.jpg or .jpeg)
Tagged Image File Format (.tif or .tiff)
Interleaved Bitmap (.lbm or .iff) FORM : ILBM or PBM(packed bitmap)
HAM6, HAM8, and 24bit types are not supported.
Portable Network Graphics (.png)

You may also want to look at some demonstration code which may be downloaded from:

2.1 Includes  The include files to use for SDL_image
2.2 Compiling  Using the SDL_image library and header file.

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