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4.1.3 Mix_Quit

void Mix_Quit()

This function cleans up all dynamically loaded library handles, freeing memory. If support is required again it will be initialized again, either by Mix_Init or loading a sample or some music with dynamic support required. You may call this function when Mix_Load functions are no longer needed for the MIX_INIT_* formats. You should call this function for each time Mix_Init was called, otherwise it may not free all the dynamic library resources until the program ends. This is done so that multiple unrelated modules of a program may call Mix_Init and Mix_Quit without affecting the others performance and needs.

// indicate that we are ready to unload the dynamically loaded libraries

NOTE: Since each call to Mix_Init may set different flags, there is no way, currently, to request how many times each one was initted. In other words, the only way to quit for sure is to do a loop like so:
// force a quit

See Also:
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