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2. Getting Started

This assumes you have gotten SDL_mixer and installed it on your system. SDL_mixer has an INSTALL document in the source distribution to help you get it compiled and installed.

Generally, installation consists of:

make install

SDL_mixer supports playing music and sound samples from the following formats:
- WAVE/RIFF (.wav)
- AIFF (.aiff)
- VOC (.voc)
- MOD (.mod .xm .s3m .669 .it .med and more) requiring libmikmod on system
- MIDI (.mid) using timidity or native midi hardware
- OggVorbis (.ogg) requiring ogg/vorbis libraries on system
- MP3 (.mp3) requiring SMPEG or MAD library on system
- FLAC (.flac) requiring the FLAC library on system - also any command-line player, which is not mixed by SDL_mixer...

You may also want to look at some demonstration code which may be downloaded from:

2.1 Includes  The include files to use for SDL_mixer
2.2 Compiling  Using the SDL_mixer library and header file.

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