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4.3 Channels

These functions work with sound effect mixer channels. Music is not affected by these functions.

4.3.1 Mix_AllocateChannels  Set the number of channels to mix
4.3.2 Mix_Volume  Set the mix volume of a channel
4.3.3 Mix_PlayChannel  Play loop
4.3.4 Mix_PlayChannelTimed  Play loop and limit by time
4.3.5 Mix_FadeInChannel  Play loop with fade in
4.3.6 Mix_FadeInChannelTimed  Play loop with fade in and limit by time
4.3.7 Mix_Pause  Pause a channel
4.3.8 Mix_Resume  Resume a paused channel
4.3.9 Mix_HaltChannel  Stop playing on a channel
4.3.10 Mix_ExpireChannel  Change the timed stoppage of a channel
4.3.11 Mix_FadeOutChannel  Stop playing channel after timed fade out
4.3.12 Mix_ChannelFinished  Set callback for when channel finishes playing
4.3.13 Mix_Playing  Get the active playing status of a channel
4.3.14 Mix_Paused  Get the pause status of a channel
4.3.15 Mix_FadingChannel  Get the fade status of a channel
4.3.16 Mix_GetChunk  Get the sample playing on a channel

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