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4.3.14 Mix_Paused

int Mix_Paused(int channel)

Channel to test whether it is paused or not.
-1 will tell you how many channels are paused.

Tells you if channel is paused, or not.
Note: Does not check if the channel has been halted after it was paused, which may seem a little weird.

Returns: Zero if the channel is not paused. Otherwise if you passed in -1, the number of paused channels is returned. If you passed in a specific channel, then 1 is returned if it is paused.

// check the pause status on all channels
printf("%d channels are paused\n", Mix_Paused(-1));

See Also:
4.3.13 Mix_Playing, 4.3.7 Mix_Pause, 4.3.8 Mix_Resume

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