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4.3.16 Mix_GetChunk

Mix_Chunk *Mix_GetChunk(int channel)

Channel to get the current Mix_Chunk playing.
-1 is not valid, but will not crash the program.

Get the most recent sample chunk pointer played on channel. This pointer may be currently playing, or just the last used.
Note: The actual chunk may have been freed, so this pointer may not be valid anymore.

Returns: Pointer to the Mix_Chunk. NULL is returned if the channel is not allocated, or if the channel has not played any samples yet.

// get the last chunk used by channel 0
printf("Mix_Chunk* last in use on channel 0 was: %08p\n", Mix_GetChunk(0));

See Also:
5.1 Mix_Chunk, 4.3.13 Mix_Playing

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