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4.4.1 Mix_ReserveChannels

int Mix_ReserveChannels(int num)

Number of channels to reserve from default mixing.
Zero removes all reservations.

Reserve num channels from being used when playing samples when passing in -1 as a channel number to playback functions. The channels are reserved starting from channel 0 to num-1. Passing in zero will unreserve all channels. Normally SDL_mixer starts without any channels reserved.

The following functions are affected by this setting:
4.3.3 Mix_PlayChannel
4.3.4 Mix_PlayChannelTimed
4.3.5 Mix_FadeInChannel
4.3.6 Mix_FadeInChannelTimed

Returns: The number of channels reserved. Never fails, but may return less channels than you ask for, depending on the number of channels previously allocated.

// reserve the first 8 mixing channels
int reserved_count;
if(reserved_count!=8) {
    printf("reserved %d channels from default mixing.\n",reserved_count);
    printf("8 channels were not reserved!\n");
    // this might be a critical error...

See Also:
4.3.1 Mix_AllocateChannels

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