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4.4.8 Mix_FadeOutGroup

int Mix_FadeOutGroup(int tag, int ms)

Group to fade out.
NOTE: -1 will NOT fade all channels out. Use Mix_FadeOutChannel(-1) for that instead.
Milliseconds of time that the fade-out effect should take to go to silence, starting now.

Gradually fade out channels in group tag over ms milliseconds starting from now. The channels will be halted after the fade out is completed. Only channels that are playing are set to fade out, including paused channels. Any callback set by Mix_ChannelFinished will be called when each channel finishes fading out.

Returns: The number of channels set to fade out.

// fade out all channels in group 1 to finish 3 seconds from now
printf("starting fade out of %d channels\n", Mix_FadeOutGroup(1, 3000));

See Also:
4.4.9 Mix_HaltGroup, 4.3.11 Mix_FadeOutChannel, 4.3.15 Mix_FadingChannel, 4.3.12 Mix_ChannelFinished

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