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4.5.2 Mix_GetMusicDecoder

const char *Mix_GetMusicDecoder(int index)

The index number of music decoder to get.
In the range from 0(zero) to Mix_GetNumMusicDecoders()-1, inclusive.

Get the name of the indexed music decoder. You need to get the number of music decoders available using the Mix_GetNumMusicDecoders function.

Returns: The name of the indexed music decoder. This string is owned by the SDL_mixer library, do not modify or free it. It is valid until you call Mix_CloseAudio the final time.

// print music decoders available
int i,max=Mix_GetNumMusicDecoders();
for(i=0; i<max; ++i)
	printf("Music decoder %d is for %s",Mix_GetMusicDecoder(i));

See Also:
4.5.1 Mix_GetNumMusicDecoders, 4.2.2 Mix_GetChunkDecoder, 4.2.3 Mix_LoadWAV

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