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4.5.9 Mix_VolumeMusic

int Mix_VolumeMusic(int volume)

Music volume, from 0 to MIX_MAX_VOLUME(128).
Values greater than MIX_MAX_VOLUME will use MIX_MAX_VOLUME.
-1 does not set the volume, but does return the current volume setting.

Set the volume to volume, if it is 0 or greater, and return the previous volume setting. Setting the volume during a fade will not work, the faders use this function to perform their effect! Setting volume while using an external music player set by Mix_SetMusicCMD will have no effect, and Mix_GetError will show the reason why not.

Returns: The previous volume setting.

// set the music volume to 1/2 maximum, and then check it
printf("volume was    : %d\n", Mix_VolumeMusic(MIX_MAX_VOLUME/2));
printf("volume is now : %d\n", Mix_VolumeMusic(-1));

See Also:
4.5.6 Mix_FadeInMusic, 4.5.16 Mix_FadeOutMusic, 4.5.14 Mix_SetMusicCMD

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