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4.6 Effects

These functions are for special effects processing. Not all effects are all that special. All effects are post processing routines that are either built-in to SDL_mixer or created by you. Effects can be applied to individual channels, or to the final mixed stream which contains all the channels including music.

4.6.1 Mix_RegisterEffect  Hook a processor to a channel
4.6.2 Mix_UnregisterEffect  Unhook a processor from a channel
4.6.3 Mix_UnregisterAllEffects  Unhook all processors from a channel
4.6.4 Mix_SetPostMix  Hook in a postmix processor
Built-in Processors
4.6.5 Mix_SetPanning  Stereo panning
4.6.6 Mix_SetDistance  Distance attenuation (volume)
4.6.7 Mix_SetPosition  Panning(angular) and distance
4.6.8 Mix_SetReverseStereo  Swap stereo left and right

The built-in processors: Mix_SetPanning, Mix_SetPosition, Mix_SetDistance, and
, all look for an environment variable, MIX_EFFECTSMAXSPEED to be defined. If the environment variable is defined these processors may use more memory or reduce the quality of the effects, all for better speed.

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