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4.6.8 Mix_SetReverseStereo

int Mix_SetReverseStereo(int channel, int flip)

Channel number to register this effect on.
Use MIX_CHANNEL_POST to process the postmix stream.
Must be non-zero to work, means nothing to the effect processor itself.
set to zero to unregister the effect from channel.

Simple reverse stereo, swaps left and right channel sound.
NOTE: Using a flip of 0, will cause the effect to unregister itself from channel. You cannot unregister it any other way, unless you use Mix_UnregisterAllEffects on the channel.

Returns: Zero on errors, such as an invalid channel, or if Mix_RegisterEffect failed.

// set the total mixer output to be reverse stereo
if(!Mix_SetReverseStereo(MIX_CHANNEL_POST, 1)) {
    printf("Mix_SetReverseStereo: %s\n", Mix_GetError());
    // no reverse stereo, is it ok?

See Also:
4.6.3 Mix_UnregisterAllEffects

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