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5.6 Mix_EffectDone_t

typedef void (*Mix_EffectDone_t)(int chan, void *udata);

The channel number that this effect is effecting now.
MIX_CHANNEL_POST is passed in for post processing effects over the final mix.
User data pointer that was passed in to Mix_RegisterEffect when registering this effect processor function.

This is the prototype for effect processing functions. This is called when a channel has finished playing, or halted, or is deallocated. This is also called when a processor is unregistered while processing is active. At that time the effects processing function may want to reset some internal variables or free some memory. It should free memory at least, because the processor could be freed after this call.

See Also:
4.6.1 Mix_RegisterEffect 4.6.2 Mix_UnregisterEffect

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